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Hooray! We have now launched our 100 + books challenge across the school! In Nursery and Reception the children have 25 books for their lists until they reach Year 1.

Children have all approached the challenge with the same fantastic positive attitudes as they always approach all of their learning. They have already been heard talking about the books from the list they were immediately able to tick off. Please keep reminding them to feed back to their teachers and keep sharing their progress.

Reading for pleasure and experiencing a vast range of literature is key in developing confident readers with a deep understanding of language, and enables them to obtain their own ideas for their writing. As always, your support as parents and carers plays a vital role to developing these positive attitudes and we thank you for getting stuck into this challenge with the children.

Remember that we are not expecting you to be buying hundreds of books and that libraries around the city are full of texts for children to access.

We hope that you enjoy these brilliant texts! Please feel free to send a book from the list your children may be currently reading in to school for them to share and talk about with their class.

The lists are attached above in case you find that they have gone missing. 🙂


Mrs Ahmed 🙂

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