Academy Council

At Harpfield Primary Academy, we have an active Academy Council made up from a team of dedicated people who give their time voluntarily. The members, working with the trust, make collective decisions about planning for school improvement and development. They are answerable to the parents and carers, the local community, Creative Education Trust and the government.

The Academy Council works with the school leaders to:

  • establish the school’s ethos, values and aims;
  • monitor the progress and achievement of the pupils;
  • monitor the budget and ensure best value for money; and,
  • ensure that both staff and pupils are able to work and study in a safe and happy environment.

The Council is ultimately responsible for agreeing the strategic direction of the school and, to achieve this, they must appoint qualified staff to ensure that a high quality of education and achievement is maintained. The Council delegates the day to day running of the school to the Principal.

The Academy Council Chair, Rev C Rushton, may be contacted through the school office.

Chair of Academy CouncilRevd C Rushton
Principal Mrs J Adlington
Sponsor member Mrs E Byrne
Parent Mr R Ballantine
Sponsor member Mr D Woolrich
Sponsor member Ms J Schofield
Sponsor memberMr A Bowyer
ParentMrs R Davies

CET Statutory Information

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